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'Marie O'Regan brings a much-needed female perspective to the modern dark tale; her hard-edged spin on traditional horrors makes her a genuine talent to watch.' - Christopher Fowler, author of The Water Room, Breathe, and Calabash.


Marie O'Regan is an award-nominated writer and editor of horror and dark fantasy fiction, and her short fiction has been published in such places as The Alsiso Project, When Darkness Comes, Terror Tales 2, Terror Tales of London among others - her first collection, Mirror Mere, was published in 2006, and she is also the co-editor of Hellbound Hearts (Pocket Books), The Mammoth Book of Body Horror and Carnivale: Dark Tales From the Fairground (PS Publishing) along with her husband, Paul Kane, and the solo-edited anthology The Mammoth Book of Ghost Stories by Women. Marie and Paul's non-fiction interview book, Voices in the Dark, was published early in 2011. Marie's new collection, In Times of Want, was launched at FantasyCon 2016, and a novella, Bury Them Deep, was launched at FantasyCon 2017. Excerpts of her fiction together with details of where it can be found are elsewhere on this site. Marie is also currently Co-Chair of the UK Chapter of the Horror Writers' Association.

Marie is represented by Jamie Cowen at The Ampersand Agency. All enquiries should be directed to Jamie here.



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